Established in 2011, Legit Pits is the last deodorant you will ever need.  Having a great deodorant is an essential part of life. My obsession with creating this line began with my search for a deodorant that actually worked and was also healthy for my body. I wanted something natural or organic that was aluminum free and was on a quest to find it. What I found instead was that if it was natural, it just didn’t work.

My best friend Lisa helped me on this mission and between the two of us, we probably tried over 30 different brands, always being left disappointed and smelly or “not so fresh”. So instead of continuing this search, I decided it was just time to create my own and this is how Legit Pits began.

Legit Pits is organic,aluminum-free and has only been tested on humans. I promise you wont be disappointed.

Here’s to Keeping it Fresh!
Coraly Serrano
Owner | Massage Therapist & Esthetician

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